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Super BULLSHIT artist

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      • So tomorrow they go in the ground if I have time and energy I doubt will get another frost here. If so it will only stay below freezing a couple hours. I'll have to get a separate place ready to separate males from females

        • I'll set up tent and hot box with my pack. We'll have fun and get happy. I'm thinking by late April, early May

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          Ep 3288b - [DS] Building War Narrative Against Russia,Satellites Destroyed,Trump’s Revenge, Success

          The [DS] plan to make sure that Trump does not become the GOP nominee is failing. Soon the [DS] will move to their next phase, conviction, when this fails, they will have a change of batter and try to use Trump's age against him. When this fails, they will push war. The war narrative has begun, they already pushing the narrative that Russia will destroy satellites that will shutdown communications. Counter measures in place. Trump's revenge will be his success.

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