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This demonic sh¡@t show is about to get more in our faces. OUTRAGEOUS. Relocating the last several months to Kentucky mountainside. Done with inner city nuts, lost, and hate-filled chaos. Literally moving a mountain, starting from dirt up to live here. Wishing you all the best. Hope to survive this "election" insanity.

Biden Must be Held Accountable for his Actions. - Robert Malone

The most immediate key person in the organizational chart below who was responsible for the assassination attempt fiasco has now resigned; Secret Service (USSS) Director Kimberly Cheadle, who reported to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Mayorkas is the next person who must go.

According to a report from the Washington Post, published on July 21, 2024, USSS leadership has denied repeated requests from Donald Trump's security detail over a two-year period for additional resources, including more snipers and other security measures.

Mayorkas's decision to deny additional Secret Service protection for Trump and the complete refusal of Secret Service protection for Kennedy has played a significant role in both presidential campaigns and endangered the lives of these candidates.

Mayorkas is now pressuring Trump not to hold any more rallies outside - as the “Secret Service” feels (there is that word again…) that they can't protect Trump in such events. This could have a significant, potentially devastating impact on Trump's election prospects, as these rallies are a key source of enthusiasm and donations for the Trump campaign.

Deep State Fails To Kill Trump: Naval Intel Officers Reveal Who Pulled The Strings | The StoneZONE