Knighty137 John

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Knighty137 John

Australian patriot from Western Australia. My interest in American politics is because I regard myself as an honorary American because my Father flew B17E's for the American Army Air Corps during the war and flew as A pilot in Command against the Japanese in New Guinea.

I got started investigating Killary, years ago when I noted that Killary fronted up to rally's as a svelte, slim, trim little thing, when I knew she was a whale. At that time I did many collages and wrote extensively on the massive fraud and scam at the time, but no one paid any attention, and every one said I was mad, they were all killary. I pretty soon worked out she had at least 10-12 imposter doubles.

The evil, criminally treasonous demo rats must have thought, we got away with this with Killary, with 12 doubles, if we quadruple the numbers we will do infinitely better, as no one even notices any thing, so long as we say they are Killary, or now Biden.

I came from a country background in Mt Barker Western Australia. Dad had a small farm. I was a teacher for a very short time till I discovered I hated teaching kids. I was a wood carver and cabinet and joinery manufacturer till my factory was burnt down by some kids. Then I became a builder. and later ended up with concrete boom pump truck and I had a 37 metre rig.

So now retired in the Philippines building planes and rebuilding jeeps. Was wonderful in the Philippines, till the crazy lock downs.