We should be aloud to live our lives as free people

We are all human beings. I hate to state the obvious. But, some times i feel we have to. We all live in this great country of ours and sometimes we have to defend what we love. I feel that we all want to live our lives in peace. We do not need the cabal telling us how we should live. We would all love to just wake up in the morning and enjoy the beautiful things that God has provided us. without the worry of war and the worry of how are we going to survive the tyranny of others telling us what we are going to do.

Unfortunately, we are all living in a time where this is all a dream. So, sometimes we need to clean our tools of war and prepare for what is about to take place. We all need to come together as a united family. Put on our work clothes and pull up our boot straps and clean up our house. Because, it seems that Satan never sleeps and until the evil is once again wiped from the face of the earth, we will never have any peace.

So we all have to stay vigilant keeping a watchful eye on evil that lurks in the dark. 

Love all my patriot brothers and sisters.  

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    • Well spoken my brother. I love my country with every fiber of my being. I hate seeing what's happening and most people sitting idly by. Right now we're living a nightmare and sooner or later it will come time to clean up our house. God Bless the USA!

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