2 Years Ago Post J6: These are NOT Trump Supporters

2 Years Ago Post J6: These are NOT Trump Supporters
Democrats are Staging the Next as we Speak

Heads up patriots...
No patriot groups were advertising anything related to an alleged March 4, 2020 DC event or rally. The fake news media is pushing this narrative to launch their next false flag. They will blame it on the truth movement.

Patriots do not condone violence. Patriots never have and we never will. If there were groups out there planning and advertising events on or around March 4, 2020 anywhere in the country (DC included) we strongly urged everyone to avoid them entirely. Be smart. The enemy hates that people are learning the truth and waking up to their crimes, and they will do anything to hang onto power. Don’t help them.

Share and distribute this message to your networks. Copy & Paste if you must. The left has an amazing redundancy to repeat their past tactics.

I found this trash when I was looking up anything on March 4th 2020:

One of the most damning take-aways we are aware of that identify radical Antifa & Black Lives Matter members is seen in the image above.

No true Trump supporter would ever wear a MAGA hat on backwards.

The radical left wing press CNN was the primary 'evidence' in the fake insurrection charges against President Trump. It was CNN that instigated it in the first place! Participants were to identify each other by wearing MAGA hats on backwards. Wearing a MAGA hat on backwards is a sign of disrespect. Don't be fooled by any of this window dressing, because that's all it is.

There were NO SCHEDULED patriot or Trump rallies on March 4th, 2020 in DC or anywhere else! It's all a propaganda lie by the radical left.

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