Derek Johnson and David Nino ANGRY "Why Lie To Us? We DON'T Act"

Derek Johnson and David Nino ANGRY "Why Lie To Us? We DON'T Act"

The tail end of the video cuts off abruptly, but the important context of the video is all intact.

This is an explanation of why & how  is still in control. It also explains why President Trump didn't declare Martial Law. I really hate to burst a lot of you Q-Tards' bubbles out there, but there have been no military tribunals YET. Military Tribunals ARE coming, but they won't begin until mid 2023.

This video was posted on Rumble, but unfortunately it doesn't play back well on multiple websites, so I am downloading this and presenting it on Odysee and Bitchute in hopes of getting it out to a broader audience. No copyright infringement is intended. This is your RIGHT to know what is going on!

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