Small Business and Entrepreneurs Group

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Small Business and Entrepreneurs Group

This group is for those who have small business concerns. We need to unite in our efforts to keep our businesses open during these hard times. This group will share ideas, success stories and warnings of the pitfalls that are popping up each day.

Home based business, commercial business, service business, construction , agriculture, marketing, selling, multi level marketers and all other small business is welcome here!

With the diesel crisis, (which in my opinion is the deep state punishing the trucking industry for standing up to tyranny).....

we all need to think of ways to defeat the deep state and their plans to bankrupt us all. I think the short answer is gasolineĀ  powered box trucks and straight trucks with flat beds, possibly pulling medium sized trailers as well. those are the kind of trucks that won WWII. Run this past any owner operator you might know.

Small businesses need to brace themselves and do what you can to ride out the collapse that is soon to come. Batten down the hatches folks, it is going to get rough....

We just cannot sit by and be spectators to our own financial destruction. We MUSTĀ  create our own economies, network systems and allies OUTSIDE of the corporate controlled universe. It CAN be done. It MUST be done!

    • Farmers can turn around the deep state plans of food shortages.

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      • I agree 100%, we the people need to by pass the deep state bastards!

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      Yo!... just thought I would remind the small business owners that Taxes for the most part are voluntary.

      Welcome, and as you join, please tell us about your business!

        • I have several small businesses going. I own and operate Thunderbolt West Media that produces a weekly talk show, "The Living Off Grid Power and information Show" as well as I produce video content for CSC Talk Radio and a weekly episode of Truth 2 Ponder.

          On weekends I perform music for various events, which I have been doing since 1977.

          I also have a herd of cows and i have a seasonal hay harvesting business.

          I also have a huge garden as I try to produce enough food to feed a family of 5 for a year, and I do everything by myself, no helpers whatsoever.

          Other than that, I am lazy.

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