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Former Defense Physicist,  Whistleblower,  Air Force veteran.  

    • Xsigint here is a tip When you post something add your comment here in the big black box about what you are going to post. But add your link below this box in the link Icon that way it will show a picture of your full article so everyone will know what it is about. I hope that helps.

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      • I just can't get anything past you Black Widow!   Ok, I promise, next time!  Luv  [insert heart].

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      Serious warrior for Connecticut - do consider..    John Flynn 4 Senate  *Twitter

        • Thanks for the link Xsigint.

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          Reposted MartinZ's post.

          Another successful meeting. We will just keep them rolling. anyone can jump in. Hope to meet some others there next weekend. Its a great time, we get a chance to meet some wonderful Patriots and Veterans. You don't need a camera or a microphone. But it helps.Your welcome to join in and listen as well.  

          Flooding D.C. will not be enough.  Spirits do reside in swamps.  Just ask anyone from "Nawlin's".    *New Orleans

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