Retired Air Force: special recce; analyst; planner; linguist; attaché; commander

Spent too much time in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. 

I'm still consulting and advising.


This is significant. A former BlackRock executive, two analyst...saying things are not right...the shots are dangerous. Edward Dowd is worth taking a listen to.


The above is Greg Reese's report on Konnech, the Chinese election company...unbelievable that we allow the CCP companies in our country, much less our elections.

Good article about Project Blue Beam: holographs projected into the sky.



Project Blue Beam will use holographic images in the sky to make people think they are being invaded by aliens or that God or gods are coming. The link has an example of it.

A lot is being made of the Russian train that is supposedly from a nuclear-focused unit. The train had no nuclear weapons. The Russians have special rail cars for nuclear weapons and the video of the train only shows armored personnel carriers and various nucs. Be careful what you believe from mainstream media. It is propaganda designed to make the Russians look bad.

Nuclear war with Russia is being orchestrated. The steps to make it look as though they act first have been methodically put in place over the last 6 months.  It is not in Russia's interest to use nuclear weapons.  It is in the West's interest to make it look like Russia used nucs in order to destroy Putin and the Russians. Putin has been a target of the Rothschild money machine for years after he refused to come under their thumb of the IMF and World Bank. And, Putin stands for traditional values against the WOKE EU, WEF, and most of Europe.

We are in very precarious times. Be prepared. Be ready to take a stand for righteousness, our Constitution, and the traditional American values.

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Jeff I started a chat with you can you go there please ?

Beware of people on  Veteran Brigade asking for your email or phone numbers. I've just experienced it. It is FAKE. People are trying to get your private information. Be careful.


    • Who's trying to get your info? Please hit me up via Instant Messenger

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      • I wont give anyone any personal info unless i know for sure who it is. Good post brother Jeff37RW. Do not give anyone personal info brothers and sisters.

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        • The scammer has been neutralized. We saw what Shelley was up to. 

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          The Government is most likely watching Veteran Brigades. They will watch who posts what. And, they may try to gain information about you, such as your phone number to build a profile.

          Be very careful about sharing your phone number or other private information.

          The Government could very well build a Jan 6 kind of case against people who are Patriots posting on this site.  Sad to say this.  After the FBI raid on Mark Houck last week and all the other 40+ raids over the last several weeks, everyone should understand the FBI is weaponized against Conservatives.  The FBI has become very much like the Secret Police I saw in Communist East Germany.

          Be careful.

            • That is more likely on other much larger platforms but possible here. Watch out for scammers asking for gift cards or bitcoin too. Or that want to take you to Aps ie Google chat , Hangout. Skype etc as they are the scammers paradise these chats are easily broken into for them to steal your information and your pictures.

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              The Storm clouds are careful and prepared. Here are some facts:

              •  A German parliamentarian openly announced Sep 24th would be a day everyone remembers where they were when something big happened like 9/11.  I watched the video. It looks very real and I have no reason to doubt it was faked. 
              • The Pope has recalled major banking assets from around the world to all be deposited into the Vatican's bank before the end of September. That means major assets are starting to move out from international locations back to the Vatican bank now. I got this information from investing experts who watch these things all the time.
              • I just saw a video of Chinese military vehicles reportedly moving from Russia into Ukraine. The vehicles are Chinese military vehicles and it looks legitimate that they are moving with European cars. The person shooting the phone video is speaking Ukrainian (or at least that is dubbed over it)
              • The railroad strike was averted (for now). I did some digging on it. Yes, there was going to be one. It was stopped. People in that industry think it is only a temporary fix.
              • Food shortages are real: beef in Texas is down 50%; corn, rice, soybean, and a number of other crops in the US are way down from last year.

              Need to be prepared.  Have your cars full of gas on Friday. Have some cash on hand. Have some canned food (meats and veggies) if you don't have a freezer with a week's worth of food in case of shut downs.

              We can get through anything--together and staying in tune with Jesus Christ.

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