GM US John Dempsey KT

Hello I am the US GM in North America Continental Knights Templar  and a LT in minute man defense force crusading for justice and Freedom God Bless


My apologies I am a GM in NACKT keeps me pretty busy I am also a member of MINUTE MEN DEFENSE FORCE and help there also I admin 70 plus groups some are infidel groups so I don't think I have the time to be a officer here but am still looking for alliance groups for when shtf 

text “CONVOY” to 74121 to receive USA FREEDOM CONVOY. Updates

Good morning TEMPLARS GOD bless


My apologies I have been very busy here lately

Good morning Patriots GOD BLESS 

    • Good morning 

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        • Deus Vult

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          looking to make alliance's please pm me if interested we have commanderys in all us states and Canada provinces some are fully equipped with officers some aren't if interested pm me thank you for reading 

            • Bring them here.

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              • Easier said than done lol our members have trust issues the goborment are setting up sites that appear to be conservative to draw us real Patriots to th÷re format to get intel against us unfortunately this is the world we live in today we had to resort to requiring proof of id to join cause we have been infiltrated several times by trolls and gov plants so we are Leary what we do 

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