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from David-Dorian Ross: “The US Department of Veterans Affairs just posted this video about providing care to Veterans through community providers when VA cannot provide the care needed. TaijiFit falls under this umbrella, so if you or any Veteran you know would like more information about how TaijiFit can help, please pass this along or have them reach out to info(at) directly!”

Did you know that Crown Royal sends care packages to the troops? They make it so easy. Just pick your selection and they do the rest. Also, it’s FREE!!! 


Update: They ask for your birthday because it’s an alcohol website. It’s a legal obligation for them even if you aren’t buying anything.

They don’t ask for your name, address, email, phone or anything…just your DOB.

No, this program hasn’t expired.

Here’s a link on Crown Royal’s website that explains the program:

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            Civil unrest is eminent join your State or Province today. Here on Veteran Brigades. t26v5awcg6faxbwqwtigvdekaezxjxet.png

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