This is not THEIR country.  Their shows of hatred and disrespect towards The United States of America and her people proves this fact.  


They want you poor so they can molest your children with ease. 

Calling it like he sees it.  Calling it like it truly is....Jimmy Dore.

Wow!  Japan is seriously making strong their sports programs!  Wrestling and now soccer!   I guess most everyone is looking past baggage of getting used and lied to by the Deep State Satanic Marxists....having their economies plundered, etc.


Changing world.  

I ko I ko   

Listen to Jerry jam out at the end.  You won't get this song out of your head for days...

And what an awesome international wrestling program they've developed as of late.  💪 

At least THEY have balls... these Deep State Satanic Marxists need to be taken out to the streets, put on their knees then be forgotten forever.

It's safe!  Don't worry!

In the 1929 stockmarket crash they took your jobs (and what your job bought you), they took your investments (only 10 percent margin necessary to buy stock then)...but NOW, they want you to die, ruin your future genetic lineage and they want to starve you, force you to kill your neighbor for food while they mutilate, torture and have sex with your children then drink their adrenochrome filled blood.  If you don't believe me.....

    • Don't forget...that news source is MSM.  I'm pretty sure all air travel,  passports and visa services will be unavailable too.  Just a flicking hunch.

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