I believe in our Constitution.  I am NOT a globalist.  Freedom and Liberty!  Let's Go Brandon!

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Good morning or evening Magnolia4u, don't know if I said Hi yet.

    • Hi.  Good morning.  I'm still learning my way around this platform.  So glad we have a place to post that won't be censored!  

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      I am an older woman, and very concerned about our nation.  I believe we have had a coup committed against our nation, and was hoping the military was going to defend us.  I'm not so sure they are.  It's been along time (almost a year), and although I see some strange things going on, I'm not sure anything is being done.  I believe it is a good thing to gather like minded people and stay informed.  

        • We're not counting on our armed forces to protect us, they are under control of left right now. Thank you for joining us ma'am.

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          • Amen sister and this is the place for that God Bless you and God Bless america !

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