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On the edge of WW III and Civil War at the same time! Legalize Marijuana!

On the edge of WW III and Civil War at the same time! Legalize Marijuana!

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    • There's a reason the Natives called it "peace pipe". The prize is freedom and we have to come to an agreement as patriots on which target to focus on and methods to achieve the goal. All the BS on the news is and always will be a distraction. We are in a civil war now. It just hasn't gone hot on a large scale, yet. Stopping it starts with unifying and ditching politics in my opinion.

      • I can't thumbs up, so here it is πŸ‘

        • I hope I'm wrong, but i think we're very close to civil war.

        • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvPf_DJoHCY BRICS Nations To Issue NEW Currency BACKED BY GOLD To Further Weaken The US Dollar

          • The Brics ideology was born out of the UN in New York. It's no secret the Dollar is being put to an end and every Country including the US and the "Brics" nations are all introducing digital currencies none of which will be based on anything never mind a gold standard. Gold is not "programmable" nor does it "expire". The "conditional" exchange of gold also is not based on the merits or standing of an individuals carbon, social or bio metrics and credits whilst it's no secret all coming digital currencies will be conditional and rely upon these and likely a number of other factors. All a part of the objective and all being executed with intent in a global fashion.

            • Digital is the cabal. No one wants that!

            • I don't agree on all your points, but I do agree, please no Civil War or WW111!

              • The only civil war that would mean something is one with free people against the controllers.

                • Have read recently it’s still possible to block this digital currency but have to get vocal. Now.

                  • trump is my president,

                    • on giving ucrain all them fighter jets, im shur russia thanks them for giving them more target practice, they wont last long in the air....loll

                      • We should be protesting in the streets against the Restrict Act, the unilateral governing body of the China owned UN and stop tolerating the Anti Christ Spirt of Transgenderism goal to normalize pedophilla as a means to use our children for these Satanists evil rituals and pleasure. A means to legalize the acts of the powerful and influential Pieces of shit that sold their souls to the Devil.

                        While visiting my son in Temecula, California this past weekend my daughter was sitting in the drivers seat waiting for my daughter in law to come out of Barnes and Nobles. A liberal woman over heard my daughter talking on the phone about Jesus and the latest Biden minions horrors. The woman yelled to my daughter β€œFuck you Cunt!”

                        They had had no eye contact or interaction what do ever.

                        A mild attack. If my daughter had her hand gun I would have been twice as concerned as it appears that prosecute the innocent and support the Perps.

                        Where are our men defending the God given rights of women athletes?

                        Minion Biden added the 10% of our population the new β€œwoman β€œ a transgender protection under Title 9!


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