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Trump being arrested on Tuesday 21 March - New VB Press Corps

Trump being arrested on Tuesday 21 March - New VB Press Corps

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    • That was predicted a while ago by President Trump. And here we are Patriots.

      • Created dependence. force. be dependent or else. that is the American way today. the world way. no sink or swim I think is better. if a person has initiative to do better they should be helped by others. I would certainly have there back. if a person is a whole ass and prepetuates the existence of unnecessary, destructive shit. fuck em. best they can expect from me is sarcasm. I would like to see people be responsible for there own self, have no leader's. that's not likely gonna happen soon. anyway what may happen soon and could is a much better choice then we are being given. Oh. I will go to the semi ghost town soon. I have pups I need to get adopted out. I planed to post on the bulleten board and tell the tar bender and the heffey at the VFW. I could promote the VB but not if its only a platform to promote Trump. I am fsr from a never again Trump or vicious hater but at the same time the worship make me sick. I am in support of being Independat and not so nasty no one will have my back when needed. I do like a press corp thing as you spoke of but all ideas have to be concidered. the bad one's will sink and the good will float. you'll see

        • I speak for myself but hope fully other's. I enlisted for Independance. wtf happened?

          • Fuckin rock it people. This PRESS CORPS was created for the local goings on. Enough of the repetitive posting of regurgitated information. Real stories here, local info boots on the ground.

            • I don't think they dare, and Trump really didn't break any laws by paying off some money hungry ho. He has also declared himself a presidential candidate, so it better be good before you try to arrest that guy. He also has deep pockets, and high powered lawyers at his disposal so it better be a good case,

              • I think it’s a set up. If we protested we would probably be labeled as domestic terrorists. Then they’ll pass emergency laws to ban guns and whatever else. And seeing the Republican record on protecting our rights I’m thinking they’ll do nothing and the people will be fucked. Just let him fight it and support him but I say don’t protest or raise any hell.

                • I agree, no protesting or raising hell.

                  • I don't care about Trump being arrested he deserves to be hung for his many crimes however this shit show we have been living through will not be resovled through inaction.

                    This is a war and wars are not won through peaceful non compliance, protests, or complacency. Wars are won through a strategic offensive plan and a relentless campaign of violence until your enemies are decimated and completely eradicated. Oppositional inaction will result in inevitable massacre... What needs to transpire that should have transpired a long time ago is a global uprising in unison around the globe going after the complicit free from exception or diversion whilst taking out with them anyone and everyone who stands in the way as they are in the least complicit by proxy unto themselves. We need to stop using cellular devices and get rid of the infrastructure that supports it. No five G infrastructure, data centres and cell towers= No digital ID, no digital currency, no digital slavery, no cloud, no tag, track and trace, no facial recognition, no Social/Bio/Carbon credit scores, no fourth fascist industrial revolution, no self assembling nano technology! Satellites are another problem to deal with as well. If we do not do this and more in unison around the globe we will be defeated. We must do it as to exhaust their resources and keep them spread so thin that they are easily overwhelmed. They can, will and plan to use every resource and weapon they have at their disposal to assert totalitarian control over each and every last person who survives this should they be successful in their endeavour. DO NOT BE completely ignorant and or oblivious to how many people have protested, begged and pleaded for their lives as they were brutally maimed and murdered throughout history.

                  • I agree Gonz. But until we get the numbers that will make a difference the only thing that will happen at least is we get labeled and at most we get jailed. Then what good would being in jail do for any of us? I know labels don't matter much to most good people but in this society we have to work strategically not arrogantly. So until we can come up with a game plan that will work to our advantage we need to tolerate it for a while longer. Just my thoughts on the subject.

                    • We have the numbers but there are many things that are working against us namely being divided, censored and suppressed while we have a lack of organization, unity and either a lack of leadership and or a lack of those willing to follow a leader. Kinda like a case of too many chiefs not enough indians. There also lies issues with having the best people suited to lead being supported. One thing I do know for sure however is that the longer we allow things to coast things will progressively get worse and the collateral damage continues to mount. They already have established a strong foothold and judging by their actions they are fully confident that they are going to be sucessful.

                    • If anyone would like to present a plan of action that they feel would help i am all ears. The other thing to consider is the fact that every thing we do is monitored. Until we can establish who is genuinely on our side i prefer to keep most things to myself. Its not out of fear either. I will be working in the shadows doing what i can to find information on our enemies. As until we can establish a way to determine friend or foe. Just saying.

                      • I also don't know how many times I need to spell it out for everyone. Right wing/Left wing=Same shit hawk. Don't even try to pretend for a second that you are awake if you cannot see this paradigm. All these fool politicians you call "leaders" are fucking sock puppets and they all get several hands up their asses. They aren't working for you and they don't give a rats ass about you. You think Donny gives a fuck about you, your fucking "country" or the fucking people in it? You're fucking deluding yourself. As Goerge Carlin used to say " It's one big fucking club and you aren't part of it" Stop being "labeled" right/left and or allowing, accepting and or identifying as such as you are part of the problem and no part of the sollution. There's no such thing as the "deep state" The whole thing is a swamp and we are up to our asses in alligators...

                        • I get the same feelings Gonz. At some point we have to take a stand and show that there are no more lines in the sand. Like i was saying if we can't determine friend or foe i don't see any thing of real action taking place and no real changes in our current situation.

                          • We all know the shits going to happen. But at some fucking point we have to stop being sheep about the whole thing. I agree 1000% but who makes the next move in this whole shit game that is being run on us?

                            • Unfortunately because these fuckers are working from a strategic plan they are several steps ahead of us although much of their agenda is exposed not all avenues are illuminated by means they will reach their objectives. They have several cards up their sleeves and tons of assets, munitions and arsenals at their disposal. We need to start making and following through with plans and strategies or we will fail.

                            • I know most every one is concerned about there jobs and there loved ones as well. But no one is going to give a rats ass when they come to lock us all up and gives us all the big jab so we all fall in line and comply. I am sorry i am not that flexible or disposable. I will not comply and i could care less who knows it. Cause i already gave all my shits a long time ago.

                              • Yes that's one big problem is that too many are still chasing dollars and brainwashed by the sytem. That keep people running on a treadmill, distracted, diverted and in many ways in competition and or opposition which is all intentional. You can't eat money, you can't drink it and it really only has as much value as people assign to it. The only reason why it runs and controls peoples lives is because they assign a high value on it while they actually value the things that matter most the least. It's not just compliance that is sinking our ship it's complacency as well. " Evil only persists when good men do nothing"

                                Edmund Burke.

                              • I gotta be honest as well while i am at it. Because i feel that there are a some people on here that think i am a FED. Just to be clear i am not a mole or a fucking FED. I have a life and i do try to attend most of the video chats when i can. So if any one on here wants to check me out go for it like i said i don't give a rats ass about it. I am looking for a group of like minded people that also share the same opinions about all the fucked up shit in this swamp mess. I like most people just want to be left the fuck alone and get on with my life. So i am just putting this out there for those that may have some concerns. Just saying

                                • That's what the vast majority of people all around the world want buds and that's where we need to start working to seek and build unity is our common wants, needs and goals. People need to start focusing on these and recognize that so many of our differences are constructs made up either in our own minds or spoon fed to us from the minds of others. While many of our differences are strengths which can be applied and not weaknesses.

                                  • I don't think you're a fed, not at all. You're one of our VB brothers.

                                  • I just want to shit or get off the pot i am tired of all the bullshit. I never got into political shit because it bores the fuck out of me. I would much rather be designing something to help us all make our lives easier. I am getting tired of this fucking waiting game.

                                    • I hear you man. The long and drawn out process is intentional. It's like slow boiling the frog while many jumped out early those who did not view those who did as nuts. It's also to cause those who started the fight early to become fatigued and tired which is a covert method of dissuation while many other overt methods have also been employed. I really do wish I had a wider reach and the attention of many as I could be highly effective. I am a problem solver naturally and I have flawless logic. I am a very private person who is mostly introverted and I really don't care to be in the spotlight. This is one of the main reasons why I use a pseudonym as I don't care too much for fame or attention only attention to details and facts. The first time I was deplatformed from facebook was detrimental, I had a solid network, a cult like following and had earned the trust of thousands which was about to grow exponentially. Like everyone however I also have always had detractors and haters but it's hard to say at some points whether certain folks where authentic in their hate or incentivized to attack me. I am mostly introverted like I said however that has never prevented me from being outspoken whilst I have never been known to be one who bites my tongue.

                                      • With that being said we really need to put a focus on ending the propaganda, preventing it and or totally removing the ability for the masses to be propagandized. I have put a lot of thought into things and I am not lying when I say we need to tear things down to the base. I mean we need to get set back to 1900 as far as technological "resources" is concerned. It will only take a fraction of the hundred and twenty years it took us to progress and surpass where we are now however with some effort and hope we could perhaps be more morally and ethically responsible as a species to appropriate such power. Failure to act now at this crucial point in time and cause a technological intervention will lead to inevitable and permanent perpetual totalitarian technological enslavement of humanity for all of eternity.

                                        • Kaczynski was right man however his methods were wrong. Surely there were other ways one could have gained recognition or attention. Make no mistake however things have reached a point where mass casualties have already occurred and many more will ensue no matter the outcome.

                                        • He hasn't been arrested so far.

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