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Trump Rape Allegations

Most of the mainstream media is now running articles about a trial in which President Trump has been accused of battery and rape.

I have looked at several of the links and headlines, and most are homing in on clips from a video of his recorded deposition last October.

In it, he is shown a photograph in which there are two women, one being his ex-wife Marla, and the other the accuser.

Trump made the blunder of pointing to the accuser, who he has openly said "she is not my type," instead of to his ex wife.

As a personal note, having observed the way the Deep State, and its captured media, has treated Trump since 2015, I'd have to say that they always treat him as if he is guilty until proven innocent.

Whether he is, or not, is up to the jury to decide, but I do find it very very strange that this woman has waited something like 30 years before - quite by coincidence of course [not] - she suddenly appears right at the time when the the Deep State, The Swamp, the Dems and the RINOs are doing their utmost to scuttle Trump's 2024 campaign.

It seems like something right out of the Stormy ("horse-face") Daniels porn star playbook of yesteryear. But that's just my inconsquential personal opinion.

One of the news reports, on CNN, starts with a statement Trump made in Ireland a few days ago.


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