unlawful eviction

I live in a HUD Morris County Public Housing Unit rent is calculated by 30% of income including everyone 18 & above. I have had numerous problems with landlord entering wrongful data as my income therefore increasing the portion of rent to be paid. I had to request in writing for a grievance meeting which was one sided. 2016 started to request a copy of car insurance/car registration. I refused. Threats of eviction, harrassment, retaliation, not fixing things in a timely manner, etc. Each year forward I had to contact Senator Bucco for assistance. A call would be placed informing landlord it was illegal to request these documents. 2019 he passed away. 2020 recertification I didn't have my car insurance/car registration landlord threw my papers back at me saying "unacceptable" you will receive an eviction notice in the mail & so I did. March came & so did COVID the Gov. EO stopped all evictions. NOW THIS WAS A MONEY SCAM FROM THE GET GO! Landlord mails me the lease but I am in non-compliance for those 2 docs. 2021 & 2022 landlord refuses to draw up a lease. I put aside the monthly rent that I was paying. Landlord sends me a letter stating taking me off of 30% income based rent to flat rent which exceeds my income. I send rebuttal letters. I get letter end of Dec 2022 that I owe over $24k in rent. Then another letter I receive $18k was paid by CARES ACT. This is FRAUD/EXTORTION HUD/PHA has just committed. 2022 I receive a letter I owe $34k in rent, back rent, late fee charges. I get notice eviction hearing Jan 2023. ZOOM. I request an attorney. I have an appointment in 2 days. Legal Aid lawyer calls & asks the circumstances. I explain. I don't understand she replies. Landlord is willing to draw lease 2021 & 2022 you sign it then they want arrears to be paid in full by end of 2023. WTF! I said who the hell are you representing because it sure the hell isnt me. If I sign those contracts I'm obligated to pay back that fraudulent amount of money that I don't have which exceeds my income in the first dam place. Their lease violates multiple statutes as it is. No I will not sign. She replies that she can not represent me. Tuesday afternoon Legal Aid lawyer calls me again. I just spoke with HUD/PHA lawyer all you have to do is sign the 2021 2022 lease & you can stay. I asked her how much money is getting from HUD? I said you are all fucking corrupt. No!, I stand my ground and not signing. Well, I just want to let you know I cannot represent you at Thursday's trial. I said its unlawful what you are doing. So court is at 9am. I will just request an adjournment. I have contacted so many people. This is BS that you cannot find assistance. Anyone have any suggestions?

Obviously, NJ is still corrupt. I am thinking about going door to door again. Pass info along to others in same situation to schedule a protest and picket in front of Morris County Housing Authority & calling the news channels to pick up on it. Can I get assistance with anyone in NJ from VB as stand by to watch?

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