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What is the Veteran Brigades all about - learn more

What is the Veteran Brigades all about - learn more

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    • There is over seventy patents connected to covid 19. Filed before we knew what covid 19 was. Cov.. certificate of vaccination. 1=A 9=i ... artificial intelligence. Destroying Gods creation. At this point we must assume the government is unconstitutional. Including the supreme court. It's up to us. If your waiting for a politician to save the day. Not going to happen.

    • These billionaires have stolen all the money. That‚Äôs why they want you dead. They have built their own prison cell around themselves. Can they walk down the street, in the open like you or I? No, they cannot. That‚Äôs why they want you dead. They have stolen the wealth of the world through phony, fiat, Monopoly money. That‚Äôs why they want you dead. This has always been their plan from the creation of the CFR, COMMITTEE OF 300, CLUB OF ROME, ROUNDTABLE OF 9, TRILATERAL COMMISSION, ROSICRUCIANS, MASONS just to name a few. There are many more. They, being MASONS, believe they are ‚Äúthe builders‚ÄĚ and their god...little g, is none other than LUCIFER, whom they call ‚Äúthe great architect of the universe‚ÄĚ. False! These satanists have created all your government institutions that are luciferian to the core. Jesus Christ hated religion and upon thorough examination of the scriptures, you will realize, he is not about and never was about religion. When asked, he said, ‚Äúit was taking care of the widowed and the orphaned, do unto your brother as you would have him do unto you and lastly, LOVE THE LORD YOU GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART! That is all. What it is really about, is a true, just, righteous and loving government. They quote it and display it every year around this time. You will find the answer in Isaiah 9:6. It‚Äôs about GOVERNMENT. A kind of government like stated above. That‚Äôs why they want you dead. In an attempt to wipe Christianity from the face of the earth. Their motto is ‚Äúdo what thou wilt‚ÄĚ. They wish to eradicate any and all barriers from their evil, wicked pedophilia and the sacrifices to their god.¬†

      • I forgot to add...Christ said, ‚ÄúI AM THE STONE THE BUILDERS REJECTED‚ÄĚ!

        • Meaning of the Meek, strength under control!

          • My own view of what is happening, we are like David ready to sling the rock at Goliath.

              • Happy to be here. Wil Paranormal sent me .

              • Happy to aboard and I‚Äôm with you.¬†

                • Will p sent me glad to be here

                  • good luck with the new site.¬†


                    • Happy too - Wil Paranormal too . . .

                      • I also joined after watching wil paranormal¬†

                        • I also joined after watching Will P.¬† Looking forward to this platform. Thank you for starting it.


                          • Same here, joined after watching Will Paranormal.

                            • Stopping in on the word of Will P. Happy to see a good site.

                              • Glad to be here, and find through Brighteon.com, and find other like- minded individuals & sites!!

                                • Hello... Be patient... we're new!

                                  • Happy to be able to be in contact with like minded people.

                                    • Will Paranormal sent us. We are parents of 2 disabled Army Vets! God Bless America and our Vets!¬†

                                      • Wil Paranormal sent me as well.¬† Thank you, Wil.

                                        • I will send u the lamb's book of life, all can sign, demoniacs will run from the lamb's book of life as it is written, but they have the right to sign it by order of the ALMIGHTY GOD. "I AM" will sort it out.¬†

                                          Mary Christ-ma-s(on) I AM. add to THE LAMBS BOOK OF LIFEIF YOUR SPIRIT IS HOLY AND TRUE WITH YOUR LEFT-HAND TYPING WITH ONLY ONE POINTER FINGER YOUR NAME ANY WHERE YOU WOULD LIKE IN BLUE (and add 'family' with your name to secure your patriot bloodlines). sign in the morals of liberty and freedom of ONE BODY the people, and only one NATION UNDER GOD, if your called to do so. I bless all of your families and bloodlines. I have only ever served in the armies of the golden kingdom of heaven, but I've served alongside all who ever fought in the name of freedom. amen selah.

                                          and also add all of Jesus Christ and the saints and righteous angels written of in the holy bible you would like.

                                          and all of the living Christian God you would like, for this is the book of the body of Christ of planet earth reformed. It comes in volumes but never has an end for new people are born daily.

                                          but do not touch what I have written for its understood by the mind of the living God in many dimensions of space and time.

                                          I say let there be light!!!! let genesis be complete the snake in the garden dead and all of what is gods be god and what is Satan's be Satan's for Satan is nothing BUT A HALLOW powerless NAME forevermore to the Christian faith. This house of prayer is clean to spread like a mustard seed in GODS SPEED.

                                          write the name of yourself and your loved ones/bloodlines in the link below.



                                          add information and install and change into pure truth of the Christian spirit of knowledge for events dates and anything else that God would show favor on into the link below.


                                          Anything seen and not agreed with by anyone just humble thy self and know this; "The Holy Spirit" put it in the mind of the son of man who lost relationships and occupations trying over a process of 13 years to keep up and transform into the mind of God. I am that I AM, NOW FOREVER AND ALWAYS. AMEN SELAH.12/20/21/8:04 pm


                                          Be at peace MARY Christmas, I love you all.... "I NR I AM"




                                          • THE LAMBS BOOK OF LIFE IS FOR PUBLIC USE FREE AND CLEAR.

                                            • Never served in the military but I wish I had always had deep respect for those who have ¬†Thank you for your service¬†

                                              glad I found this site 

                                              • Hello, I am new here. I would like to be actively involved in a brigade in Michigan area

                                                • Hello from Canada....just joined, figuring out how to use this...


                                                  • Retired LE glad to be onboard! Thanks

                                                    • Hey y'all, Just heard about this site. Hope to make a lot of new like-minded friends here.

                                                      • I was proud to served under Ronald Reagan in the 80's. Im proud to be among other patriots willing to "Stand the Line." God Bless you all!!

                                                        • Hello all!

                                                          I too was referred here. Desperate to talk to others of like mindedness. I’m trying with all the patience in the world to convey what is actually happening and short of being completely ostracized, I find people few and far between. It’s actually amazing how little people know or how disconnected they are to everywhere else in the world. For the first time I saw a quick warning on my Nextdoor app where one of the neighbours sent out a friendly warning on the booster side effects. A brave soul I will connect with. I was never big on social media but heard that this platform may be just what I need. 

                                                          Kim from Canada. Nice to meet you. 

                                                          • Hi, friends¬†

                                                            I just found your site and would like to help, share and find out whatever I can to help stop this shit. I am a Canada and not proud of it, I have never been so discussed in what is going on, I am unvaxed and proud of it. 

                                                            God Bless



                                                            • We should communicate important and sensitive info using PGP encryption‚ĶI am worried this will become a honeypot. How can we make sure that does not happen?

                                                              • Thank you.¬† Keep up the good work.I will continue to do my part, grow, evolve, adapt, and overcome the adversary.

                                                                • Greetings from Merseyside, North West England.

                                                                  • adapt is a key word going forward.

                                                                    • Merseyside clearly eager to join.¬† ¬†Wirral Wallah here :)

                                                                      • Good to come aboard from the Pacific Northwest.


                                                                        • Was unaware this site was only for American veterans. There is currently sh!t all over the world, we should unite as a One World Force, scattered across all continents, against the One World Order to regain our God-given rights to freedom. Honestly wishing this site all the best, just so sad it excludes so many worldwide patriots outside America who, like yourself, are also fighting for our rightful freedoms. Take care and God bless.

                                                                          • As a Q follower and a once Trump guy I will say this..If Trump keeps pushing the fauci kill shot we have all been played by him too ..It will be the end of his fame for sure..



                                                                            • I didn‚Äôt know this was for veterans only either.

                                                                              although I am a veteran I will not be joining this group anymore after this post.

                                                                              I don’t join groups that exclude other groups or individuals.

                                                                              • Its so over the top, I don't know what to believe anymore.....¬† There seams to be so much going on behind the scenes with mass resignations and msm melt down ,gitmo, etc.,¬† and then you have Trump promoting the booster...¬† ¬†It is a war and misinformation is part of it,, but this is crazy scary...¬† ¬†

                                                                                • God wins for sure.

                                                                                  • This is very interesting, know who the enemy is and their plans:
                                                                                    'The Global Shapers Community' will be their boots in your neighborhood and in your face.
                                                                                    Although this is mainly about NZ, America is also on the chopping block by these pieces of shit.
                                                                                    NZ Protests - PM Ardern, Merkel, Macron, Blair - Great Reset Lackeys.
                                                                                    The Global Shapers Community is governed by a Foundation board that includes leaders from business, government and civil society.
                                                                                    The Global Shapers Community is governed by a Foundation board that includes leaders from business, government and civil society.
                                                                                    Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum
                                                                                    David M. Rubenstein, Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer, Carlyle Group, United States of America
                                                                                    Ellyn Shook, Chief Leadership and Human Resources Officer, Accenture, United States of America
                                                                                    Adrian Monck, Managing Director; Head of Public and Social Engagement, World Economic Forum
                                                                                    Maria Teresa Kumar, President and Chief Executive Office, Voto Latina, United States of America
                                                                                    Khalid Alkhudair, Executive Vice-President, Riyad Bank, Saudi Arabia
                                                                                    Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, Chief Executive Officer, SOC Films, Canada
                                                                                    Juan Jose Pocaterra, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, ViKua, Venezuela
                                                                                    Basima Abdulrahman, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, KESK Green Building Consulting, Iraq
                                                                                    Wanjuhi Njoroge, Founder of People Planet Africa
                                                                                    Eric Tse, Executive Director of Sino Biopharmaceutical
                                                                                    Why are police fighting with civilians when both are victims of the tyrannical elites laughing at them.The military and police that are following the evil globalist's orders are dooming their own families and children, what good is your pension if you're all dead from the vaccines or living like an animal with no freedom?
                                                                                    Which politicians, military top brass (including family members and relatives), doctors, healthcare administrators and public officials are financially invested or taking kickbacks or bribes and profiting from the Covid vaccines/pharmaceutical stocks in any way?
                                                                                    Will these people soon be unable to walk the streets? Unable to leave work or their homes?
                                                                                    • Maria Farmer Talks About Jeffrey Epstein's Jewish Supremacy

                                                                                      Ghislaine Maxwell Case is Exposing The Hidden Evil of the Talmudic Jews & Khazarian Mafia
                                                                                      https://www.bitchute.com/video/L2qZnql2dfci/"WHY IS THE U.S. HONORING A RACIST RABBI?""Who mister Trump honoring every year."
                                                                                      Who Ivanka (Yael Kushner), Jared Kushner and Bill Gates pray to...Min 53:00Beware of Noahide laws 
                                                                                      https://youtu.be/kk2PQm0zFEITRUMP: Death penalty - anyone who’s deemed anti-Semitic! Think I'm joking?https://gmmuk.com/trump-death-penalty-for-anyone-whosMin 27`:30 Rabbi Schneerson/beheadings, Min 34:00 Gentiles will be sent to Saudi Arabia to be beheaded. (Has that since changed to Afghanistan?) Trump to endorse Chabad movement in event attended by Jewish ..."Trump already signed such a proclamation last year, noting that, “as an educator, Rabbi Schneerson understands that education is incomplete if it is devoid of moral development." (... "moral"??)https://www.haaretz.com/us-news/.premium-trump-to-host-event-endorsing-chabad-movement-1.5955670"According to Jewish law, gentiles should not live in the land of Israel" Yosef said. If a gentile does not agree to take on the seven Noahide laws, we should send him to Saudi Arabia. When the true and complete redemption arrives, that is what we will do.""... I personally was a Chabad member for 22 years ..." (min 7:15)"... I know what goes on behind closed doors ..."   "... you have no clue,(inaudible), you have no idea what is said about gentiles behind closed doors ...Min 5:30Talmud/Noahide law is false doctrine according to Jesushttps://youtu.be/Z2Q_QB5GTFcUnderstand this is real and you will know the real Trump.Chabad-Lubavitch, Talmudic Judaism:
                                                                                      4. A JEW MAY PRETEND HE IS A CHRISTIAN TO DECEIVE CHRISTIANSIn Iore Dea (157,2 Hagah) it says:"If a Jew is able to deceive them [idolaters] by pretending he is a worshiper of the stars, he may do so."(2)
                                                                                      In¬†Babha Kama¬†113b:"It is permitted to deceive a¬†Goi.""Rabbi Jochanan says: A Goi who pries into the Law is guilty to death."Article I.‚ÄĒHARM MUST BE DONE TO CHRISTIANShttp://www.talmudunmasked.com/chapter14.htmChristians To Be Harmed Directlyhttp://www.talmudunmasked.com/chapter15.htmVIII. JEWS MUST NEVER CEASE TO EXTERMINATE THE GOIM.
                                                                                      Welcome to ccp web site        
                                                                                      THE COVID INJECTION DEPOPULATION PERPETRATORShttps://www.bitchute.com/video/qdePIuYWfBfL/
                                                                                      1 John 2:22-23  Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son. Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father: he that acknowledgeth the Son hath the Father also.
                                                                                      Israel is not the Beast, "but there is an elite Pharisaic Order within Judaism that are posing themselves as Jews. That is the Beast kingdom."Min 4:00:Who Persecuted Jesus & the Apostleshttps://youtu.be/Mk1vI1BD83w  Hr/min: 1:12:00"...the ultra orthodox cowards..."  "... orthodox Jews getting out of the country coming to Brooklyn, they're not for Israel, they're for themselves and the hypocrisy they represent.""... but because I love Israel and the Jews I have a hatred for Talmudic Judaism especially the Hasidic and Ultra Orthodox, they are enemies of the Jewish people and enemies of God."Rumors of War, Temple Mount, & the Markhttps://youtu.be/zMKB48TVPyQ"You will observe with concern how long a useful truth is known and exists, before it is generally received and practiced on."-Benjamin Franklin
                                                                                      • "PHARMACISTS READY TO QUIT OVER CORONAVIRUS VACCINE QUESTIONS HE CAN'T ANSWER"https://rumble.com/vrcak7-pharmacists-ready-to-quit-o

                                                                                        "That's just a blatant lie."
                                                                                        Statistics, not claims exposing this NY, conman, POS, Ashkenazi liar. 

                                                                                        President Trump Lies to Candace Owens: Unvaccinated People are Dying and Filling the Hospitals


                                                                                        Trump Attacks His Own Supporters for Not Endorsing His COVID-19 Vaccineshttps://www.bitchute.com/video/58vsiN2wRxYR/

                                                                                        "... he's going to continue to lie to us."
                                                                                        "... it's beginning to look a lot like genicide."
                                                                                        A reaction to Trump's TV appearance on Bill O Reilly where he said he took the booster and dismissed the anti vaxxers as a small minority... (continue watching to the end)
                                                                                        https://odysee.com/@rowanman28:0/Reaction-To-Trump:4 Biden: "President Trump and I agree" on COVID Booster Shotshttps://www.bitchute.com/video/rZfye54I4nQd/
                                                                                        (And how many people read the fine print on anything?)Popular COVID Home Test Kit Contains Lethal Drug that is Fatal
                                                                                        You'd almost believe they're actually 'trying' to kill us ...
                                                                                        • ūüí™

                                                                                          • Liked the video and agree with the premise of the group.¬† My name is Tim, 20 Year veteran of the Army Medical Corp,¬† Was a training NCO¬† in my medical Unit, but have been retired for over 20 years,¬† I am a Christian, Father and Husband who is a Conservative.¬† I have started a Homestead in East TN for about 6 years and have been building onto it when time allows.¬† I do Commercial IT work full time in Ohio until I make the full transition to homesteading.¬† I am thinking about speeding up that transition, as I feel the urgency,¬† I am big into gardening and self sufficiency and of course practice my 2nd Amendment rights extensively.¬† May the Lord show his blessings to all in this group.¬† I do not want to have anything to do with this New World Order Government and believe in the Rights and Freedom provided by our Constitution.¬† I took an Oath to honor and protect those Rights from Enemies both Foreign and Domestic,¬† I take that Oath and protecting freedom seriously,

                                                                                            • You know things are bad in our country when you have to prove you‚Äôre not a FED because feds are constantly using our tax money to infiltrate groups of law abiding citizens exercising their constitutional rights to try to sway members to do something illegal or questionable so they can arrest them. What a time to be alive. With a government like this, who needs enemies?

                                                                                              • To all members. I say to you welcome to the library. I call it the library because I view each of you as a book. Each offering their pages of knowledge, wisdom, and perspective. Please share what you know among your tribe here. Browse other books, add friends they all share knowledge in their feeds. More Frens, More knowledge!¬†

                                                                                                WELCOME TO THE LIBRARY BROTHERS AND SISTERS! BE THE GREAT LITERATURE.

                                                                                                • Loving the truth bombs starting to come out. So over the lies and deception.¬† What they've¬† done¬† to the children,¬† to us all, uggggg! Its hard to imagine¬† the evil and¬† hatred, because¬† we aren't¬† like them.

                                                                                                  So sick and  twisted the commercials  on TV, all trannies. That fine but when they pass themselves  off as something  they're not, its deception.  Sad. 

                                                                                                  Praying for these folks. I hope they'll know  Jesus, before  its too late. The chance of that  is  pretty low I'm sure. 

                                                                                                  On the bright  side, glad spring is here, just butchered  a steer, everything  greening up, calves being born, life is beautiful  despite  the evil that lurks. Keep your armor of God shined up and  well fitted.


                                                                                                  • Glad to be here.¬† Looking forward to sharing and learning from all of you.¬†¬†


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