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When is enough going to be enough - time for arms?

One of our Veteran Brigades Members asked this question, here's my answer (opinion).

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    • Be a poll worker too now is the time for that too.

    • You are correct, but I have major trust issues with the honesty of our elections. We are indeed in a civil war with WWIII at the doorstep.

      Take care of yourself and family as best you can.

      I am going to vote against the powers that be that are destroying our republic.

        • I will be voting again this coming election, but there are no guarantees what will happen if another election gets stolen.

          I think if the same thing happens again there will be a war and i don't think it's going to be against the people i think this will be against the government. 

          • With supply lines being so tenuous, the outfall of innocent injured and dead would turn many against those attempting to exact violence.  Having an "assist" mentality for other veterans, elderly and the young starting their lives is far greater tactically than leveling a volley. 

            Things I have done most of my life in this war:

            1. Provide no interest loans to small biz

            2. Poll observer

            3. Poll audit volunteer

            4. Neighborhood watch and emergency medical expediter

            5. Assisted veterans at every stage including helping to pay bills. 

            6. Research assist to retired military and politicos actively involved with solution finding to complex problems. 


            The US has traded more than enough blood/treasure for oil and assetts, lets find ways to treat our youth with higher regard than sending them off to a "theatre of war" to benefit the pigs at the trough, er, warpigs...! 

            • I love you brother but, Left wing/ Right wing= same shit hawk. No matter which puppet is propped up the same folks pull the strings. We don't have elections we have selections. Nations aren't independent countries but crown corporations. Yes even the great USA is run by the crown and the vatican. Governance by definition is the antithesis of freedom. This is a war and wars aren't won through peaceful non compliance, peaceful protests or assemblies, they aren't won through selections or elections either. All of the divisions are manufactured and people who have difference of  preferential opinions aren't your enemies. We are manipulated to fight amongst ourselves so that we don't join forces to fight our common enemies. Wars are won with a strategic offensive plan and a relentless ferocious campaign of violence until your enemies are eradicated and decimated without exception or diversion. True freedom is in true anarchy which is not chaos it's harmonized order. In order to live in peace, love and abundance however chaos is unfortunately necessary while we are being thrust into chaos inevitably to induce fear to effect control in yet another planned hegelian dialectic which will be a nuclear war. This was always part of their plan should the uptake be insufficient or the narrative become exposed. I have been saying all of this since long before I joined this network and much of it long before the scamdemic. I will never be ruled, governed or dictated to, I have always been a nonconformist and I am not about to change now. I have always stood up for morality, ethics, freedom, equality and equal opportunity and this will also never change. I will also never sit down, shut up or bite my tongue nor will I allow for those who have trespassed against humanity to be forgiven, pardoned or forgotten. An eye for an eye might indeed make the world go blind which is indeed why we need to wipe them off the face of the planet before they get both of ours... We know who our enemies are, it's long past time to take them out! 

              • When you cut the head off the rest dies, remember that! 

              • Just a heads up for all you Americans as well, it's highly probable that a nuclear war will erupt in the coming days or before your elections which would see them suspended and could have you all placed under martial law, enactment of the war powers act  and a declaration of a national emergency. Especially if the us is hit directly which I believe is not only plausible but highly probable. I hope and I wish that I am wrong but I am afraid I am right...

                • Saeed Borji - Iran nuclear detonation research.  Went full crypto comms right before Mohsen Fakrizedeh was assasinated.  Those were floppy disk operations....

                  Find the detonators.  Take the "dangerous things" away from the baby.


                • When is enough going to be enough - time for arms? Yes if there are pens attached to those arms.We are in a digital civil war but really is only part of an American Paper & Ink War. Here is an example of a fight back. Link; https://www.thes2project.com/storage/181/Self-Executing-Agreement.pdf In addition to Our Brigadeer's comments. Choking to death local governemnt affairs on paperwork is also ammo well spent. FOIA request that stack to the ceiling on every issue and anything we can think of. If [they] are too busy in their offices dealing with paperwork We produce, they can't be outside of it messing with us. Read the Art of War again and you'll find there in different forms.

                  But-- If Gonzo's comments prove themselves out. Then powder & primer during the ciaos to shitty city hall we should go. Leave the Fire Chief in charge of the city. Not the politicians.

                  • Getting those documents in the right hands is extremely effective.  Maintain your archives,  if violence does visit you -well, you know what to do..

                    *Use their character flaws against them.  Many are already self destructing under the false security of a greed driven life. 

                  • IF YOU KEEP DOING NOTHING, YOU ARE THE ENEMY’S BEST WEAPON.https://tacticalcivics.com/

                    • Expose the Bastards

                      • We do not need more elections to vote for people to pretend they are in charge. is time for the firing squat to act.


                        • Let me let you in on the strategy the Systemic Psychopaths use.

                          1. The Systemic Psychos will create a sudden panic in “USA” and will use the media to force Canada to open the border for apparent help.
                          2. but in reality is to kill 2 birds at once.
                          3. All those illegals from the USA will start flushing into Canada for apparent help and they will never leave protected by the same Psychos that created the crisis.
                          4. You will see sudden apparent temporary businesses building “factories” up at the border so the illegals can have jobs.
                          5. Illegals start to have fancy housing at the border with their own school, church and hospitals and a group will get paid to pretend we still have a border.
                          6. Good buy Citizens rights at both Canada and USA.
                          7. It is the Canadians and Americans supporting the illegals

                          True Story

                          Go see Dominican Republic and Haiti.

                          In the Dominican Republic many Canadians from Quebec and Toronto were caught with over 3 passports to one Canadian accompany by Haitians that Canadians tried to cross illegally from Haiti. While the Chinese claiming to have full control of the Haitians Dominican Republic border.


                          There are other countries the psychos took control over that way

                          Go see Europe

                          The idea is to destabilize Citizens so they will have no time to fight back.Majority of those illegals come from Lands Richer than Canada and USA

                          Their Land was taken by the Psychos in exact the same way.

                          The illegals are not your enemy

                          The Systemic Psychos will use the illegals to kept the Citizens entertain while the psychos use the illegals to suck the resources out the Land.

                          Learn the game and you will know who your target should be.

                          It is the police the main ones paid to oppress the citizens and support illegals

                          Learn the game so your energy do not go to waste.




                          • November 8th is my birthday. I'm gonna be pissed if we don't beat the leftards.

                            • His theory would work if all were awake but the fact is all are not. So now is the time for us to all go out and vote to break the cheat. Your a fool if you don't vote we need everyone out there. Or the Dems will handily win with their cheating ways. And if they are in power again we can all say good bye to God, Country, and Freedom. He makes me think he is controlled opposition.

                              • I respectfully disagree. 

                                • I agree with your comment there are too manya ignorant people out there to make proper decisions.

                                  As to Voting I agree with Larken. Voting will not solve the many crisis we face. Thinking voting will change anything and improve our lives is delusional.  

                                • A lot of people are going to be pissed off if the red wave don't happen.

                                • When is enough? Well I want to share with you a thought from a book titled CIVIL WAR II written by Tom Chittum in 1999. This is a loose quote from the “check list” in the back of the book. It goes like this” you shutter bugs get ready, to take this photo. A photo of a child rummaging a dumpster for food. But it wont be in some 3rd world country, it will be here in the good ole USA!” Thats when Americans will be ready to” alter and abolish and set new guards” in my opinion anyway. My heart goes out to all those with childeren in this dark hour of American history. Wake up who you can, help, teach, and do what you can to assist others who have eyes to see and ears to hear. And forget the rest of the willfully ignorant!


                                  sus sponte 2-88

                                  • No disrespect intended but……..

                                    Voting now, and after the 2020 potus and mid terms, is crystal clear voting DONT WERK!!!! You can not deny we no longer have ethical genuine free and fair elections.  CMON MAN

                                    voting= picking sides of the wings of the same crappy bird’ we have no real choice anymore

                                    just being devils advocate with this

                                    sua sponte 2-88

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