Jim Calhoun

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Hello, this is my personal account here on VB. I also accounts for my broadcasting business, so both "The Living Off Grid Show" and "Thunderbolt Radio Group are mine, but felt that I needed a non business related place here on VB.

I am a 4th generation rancher, a talk show host and own and operate the Thunderbolt Radio Group.

Also, I have been a professional musician since 1977 but the covid nonsense really hampered that career. I play many instruments but guitar is my favorite.

But more than that, I am a firm believer in Jesus Christ and I also am a staunch supporter of the United States of America AS FOUNDED.

We are a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. Not a Democracy. Yes.....there is a HUGE difference.

The tyrants now "in charge" are doing their best to establish the democracy narrative. I will fight them all the way.

Thank you for viewing my profile!