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Hi all, my name is Kim Osbøl born [1964] and raised in Copenhagen Denmark, Freedom Fighter and Internet Warrior from (Theater Performance I participated in) a 'product' of the Danish 'Welfare' illusion system [Satanic Facism] and I hide from no one:

I try to 'Connect the Dots' from the channels I follow - Things are Connected - 'There Is NO Such Thing As A Coincidence'

The picture I use as a profile picture with the 3-4 faces that 'scream' is the poster from the theatrical performance where I was casted and just had to play myself and every day tell about the systematic crimes the satanists commit daily against me and thousands of other sick citizen without being held accountable, and everyone knows it:

I have been convicted 4 times by the satanic Danish legal system as a criminal (another no 5 on the way), even though I can prove that everything was the reality. The Satanic Demons are everywhere and they do not even hide.

I have for many years worked as a totally free assistant and party representative for other sick fellow citizens and have therefore for many years read various laws and executive orders.

I started in 2017 to publish my own case, incl all my medical certificates here (have no mental diagnoses):"Illegal proceedings. Documented. Where is the rule of law?""Ulovlig sagsbehandling. Dokumenteret. Hvor er retssikkerheden?" -

When this 'virus' started in Wuhan in December 2019 and until March 11, 2020 where the whole world was shut down by WHO at the same time, I shared on my YouTube channel the info that I thought was relevant from the channels I followed.

I had hundreds of videos from various demonstrations and meetings and interviews with various Politicians and 'public opinion leaders', over 800 subs and suddenly my YouTube channel was deleted, just like many of the channels I followed were deleted.

I then jumped over here on Bitchute and on Brighteon and other channels and started sharing here.

I have been a single father to my daughter since she was 6-7 years old for about 13 years (she is now 24 years old), I never drank or took drugs, worked and took care of her and helped with everything and suddenly I got an email from her d 25.07.2020 that I did not understand and 'researched' what is going on in this world and that I should not contact her anymore.

Therefore this and all my channels, because when I die, everyone can see what I mean and what is actually going on in this sick satanic world.

- 'You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say that you did not know.' - William Wilberforce- 'You will notice the more awake you are, the less patience you have for opinions because you are operating on a different spiritual maturity.' - Tamara Magdalene Lioness of THE Yeshua- 'I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only try to make them think' - Socrates.- 'The Truth Is Learned, Never Told' - Out of Shadows Officiel 2020

How many 'Coincidences' does it take before people can 'see' it is systematic?Sick Satanic LGBTQIA+ Antifa BLM 'Predictive Programming' aka MKUltra and 'Social Engineering' for ALL of out Children!'Follow The Fucking Money' - + #Adrenochrome #Canibalism and much more...

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