Tim Weigel

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Christian, Father and Husband, Conservative, Homesteader, Veteran

I believe in achieving self sufficiency as much as possible.  I am an avid gardener, and recently discovered JADAM Korean Natural farming which I am starting to implement,  Looking to increase members of our Mutual Assurance Group, so drop me a line if you are in East Tennessee,  I encourage everyone to grow as much food as possible, get out of the cities if possible and start gardening and get livestock. I am an Army Veteran of 20 years Active duty and Reserves.  God seems to be guiding me towards homesteading, and I am growing spiritually and realizing that God Yeshua (Jesus Christ) is my only salvation.  Although I have always called myself a Christian, I have realized that I am lacking knowledge and spirituality that I need in which I am working on improving.  Please pray for me and my family and I will pray for you and our humanity around the world.  God Bless you and your families