Feed Item

"Freakin duh!"


Shane Gillis brings up the Biolabs in Ukraine on Joe Rogan’s show 👀 

Episode #2098 at around the 2:56:00 mark.

Rogan has an article ready to go about the Biolabs in Ukraine, which is actually an NPR hit piece about me 😂 calling me a “QAnon follower” responsible for the infamous thread on 02/24/22, that served as the catalyst for this story. NPR, and the rest of the MSM, called me every name in the book, while simultaneously admitting that I was right and the labs do indeed exist.

Rogan and Gillis go on to talk about how the media said the labs didn’t exist, how they now admit that the labs are real and the US funds them, and how the US are not above bioweapon development.

Gillis is in here somewhere 😂 dude was itching to bring this up, and Jamie had the article ready to go. Joe and company have clearly talked about this off-air. Gillis is red-pilled all the way. 

My how far we have come 👀