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Video - Bryan Denlinger - #faith #religion #Christian - The Real Issue Behind The Red Heifers And #Israel - Bryan says: "I see a lot of people that are very excited about the nation of Israel recently receiving a couple of #RedHeifers. Many #Christians understand that this event is a big part of Bible #Prophecy for the end times. While this is true, a Christian must also remember that most of the #Jewish people reject the perfect sacrifice of the Lord #JesusChrist. These animal sacrifices are actually leading the way to bring in worldwide worship of the #Antichrist and #Satan, during the time of Jacob's trouble. The current Christ-rejecting Jewish people are trying to establish a new world kingdom where THEY rule all nations without #Jesus Christ!" https://youtu.be/a9zYBhGIsdk?si=QKvY0BmxyN5w23zD

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