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"ORIGINAL TRUTH" is dedicated to the preservation of the original material set forth in the DIVINELY INSPIRED WORD OF GOD.  Most Christians will agree that when the Bible was first written by the prophets of old, there was no way any mortal man could have possibly known the things which were included in the Original Bible.  And we thank God that the HEBREW language used has never changed since then.  It still means today what it meant back then.  But today's versions of the Holy Bible including the most popular King James version and all since, have differences in meaning in some critical places, and in many cases, outright mistranslations from that ORIGINAL  DIVINELY INSPIRED version written in Hebrew so long ago.  It will be the intention of this group to share as much TRUTH as possible of these differences and with the help of ALMIGHTY GOD, we will fight to preserve His HOLY WORD.  It will then be up to any who read the differences to determine if they would rather follow the traditions of men, or the DIVINELY INSPIRED WORD OF GOD.  Our group will make available that choice.  Believers are commanded to BE VIGILANT, and to BE NOT DECEIVED.  However, millions of believers worldwide have no clue that these publishing deceptions have even taken place.  WE INTEND TO SHINE THE LIGHT OF GOD'S TRUTH FOR ALL TO SEE.

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