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Spreading real truths in a crazy mad world!!!! Talk about real natural cures that are cheap and natural that have demonized by the FDA. 

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                    This channel is dedicated to truth and recognizing that history is wrote by the victors. Always question everything!! Seek the truth and make the change. Ever since the roll-out of the Fake Pandemic in March 2020 I have been researching truths that have been hidden from the public. The news we watch is called TV Programming for a reason. BlackRock and Vangauard own everything of any value on the entire planet. 95% are owned by Jews. I'm not saying all Jews are bad just like any race that has been associated with a psychopath or communist aren't all bad. The truth is the truth and that's what I report and research the truths in Health, Truth and News. There is no such thing as HATE speech for that's why we in America have the first amendment that protects the speech people don't agree with or hurts their feelings. We have the 2nd amendment that was put in place to protect us from out government if they become corrupt.

A few years ago I came to the realization that just about everything I have been taught or told is a deliberate lie. Our public schools are indoctrination camps that teach our children how to follow rules and become worker bee's for the elite. Teaching woke theories and wokeness in general. The whole system is against the nuclear family. Cancer cures are censored. Truth about the dangers of all vaccines are censored. This is all happening because the Rockefeller's waged war on the world's health care systems replacing natural cures with petroleum based medicines that make us sick and dependent on their indoctrinated doctors and hospitals. Any doctor or hospital that goes against the poison narrative gets threatened with yanking their medical licenses by the AMA (American Medical Association). 

The name "The Green Glow" derives from the animated Cartoon released August 7th 1981 called Heavy Metal. The Green glow was an all knowing floating green ball called "The Loc-Nar". A warrior women named Taarna's from the Taarakian race is a defender of the evils of the world. She destroys the Loc-Nar at the end of the fictitious animated film and Taarna is destroyed in the process of destroying the Loc-Nar. Then is reincarnated into the innocent little girl from the beginning of the film. When Taarna is trying to find the source of the Loc-Nar a bartender tells her to follow the Green Glow, hence how I named my channel.

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Hi. You might want to look into watching Dr Robert Morse vids on health.