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I would love to start a Florida group so we can discuss current events here in Florida and formulate a plan to help each other in the event things keep heading straight to hell. If natural disasters, rallies, protests and civil unrest happen you agree to show up and help if possible.

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This branch Commander is: @Robert Amos

Please get in contact with your branch commander using our messenger service when you can and exchange whatever contact info you feel comfortable with. The commander most likely already has a private chat group setup for your branch that he/she will invite you to. The key is staying connected and effective communication.

The commander is a point of contact for this state or area of coverage. The commander is in charge of keeping members informed of new happenings. The commander is in constant contact with the other branch commanders and officers here at the VB. 

As always, use good operational security (OPSEC), and be careful what you post in the clear. Use our backend messenger service for secure communications.  

---John S.

PS:  We don’t advocate violence, but we’re exercising our right to free speech and assembly. 

    • If we are to be effective in protecting each other, our families, and ourselves, we need to function in a cohesive manner. The first step is to establish contact with each other. To effectively coordinate any response, I would ask that we all be connected on here as friends. Please review your friends list and compare it to the Florida group. Please ensure you are friended with every member of the group. The second step from my perspective is to know what area of Florida we each live in. I'm not asking city and address. Just the area (closest major city). I am near Jacksonville and my phone number is (904) 534-2182 if you have any questions or comments, please call.

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      Happy Holidays my fellow Florida Veteran Brigades brothers and sisters! If there's ever anything the Veteran Brigades can do for you please let me know.

      ---John Sheline