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Like minded Constitutional Conservatives who love this Republic. If natural disasters, rallies, protests and civil unrest happen you agree to show up and help if possible.

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We’re currently in need of a commander for this branch. A branch commander is the Point of Contact for this group and its members. You’ll be in charge of managing this branch and keeping your members informed. Our backend Messenger Service ( & web cam system) will keep you in contact with your branch members. You’ll also gain access to be able to chat with the other Commanders and officers here at the VB. The key is staying connected and effective communication.

As always, use good operational security (OPSEC), and be careful what you post in the clear. Use our backend messenger service for secure communications.  

If you’re interested in the commander’s position, contact me via this web site’s messenger service. We can chat. @John Sheline (Brigades Founder)

---John S.

PS:  We don’t advocate violence, but we’re exercising our right to free speech and assembly.